Diocese of Trier, Germany  Synode Update

by Sr. Isolde Schneider, FS

Fall 2015

Christians need a fixed place where they can learn faith about life. The Church is the yeast that permeates all and calls us to growth. We must bring Christianity wherever we are, for example our workplace. It is to be our guiding principle. We have a long way to go to bring personal beliefs and the beliefs of the Church together, to be compatible.

From the 14th to the 16th of May 2015, the fourth gathering of the Synode was held. The recommendations for discussions led by the Bishops took a long time. What the people are seeking today is a many faceted picture. It is a search and a grappling with how the Church should be today. Is the old model out of date? Is the message of Jesus Christ changed? My picture of the Church is stable, vibrant and needed today. We must try new ways of living, not because the old ways are not good, but modern times challenge us with many new considerations. We must proclaim the “Good News” and invite others to live and follow this good news. New ways to seek and to go may perhaps bring hurts but these hurts are not all bad. The goal will not be directly clear but it is a seeking and searching with people of good will. We in the Synode with the Bishops hope that many people of good will can give a new face to the Church without changing the Gospels.