Sr. Isolde Schneider, FS

Spring 2015

All of us long for peace and quiet. But we are used to being active, and this activity comes from ourselves and our own dark side. Perhaps we can bring together with contemplation a deeper and longed for quiet. But contemplation is more than this. Between contemplation and peace lies our leap to God. God will be deep within us, we must with body and soul be still and quiet.

We ask how does this work? We must be in the present. Give God the time, and let nothing influence that. I come with my thoughts and my feeling – these come from me and not God. God will come to me in my emptiness. He comes when we are patient and persevere. We can do this. Contemplation can win over our shadow side. We do not have to do anything…just be for God. No more stress, no more words, no more having to do. I sink myself completely in God. We can do this.