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Brother Bob Overland, FS

Bro. Bob is one of the founding members of the Fiat Spiritus Community. Bro. Bob serves the community as Community Liaison/Provincial and resides at the community house in Donaldson, Indiana on the grounds of of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ motherhouse. The Poor Handmaids (www.poorhandmaids.org) are our sister community and the community founded by Blessed Catherine Kasper in 1851. In addition to serving the Fiat Spiritus Community in leadership Bro. Bob's full time ministry is representing the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ to their ministries as Director of Mission Integration. "I find great joy in serving our sister community in assuring that the Mission and Values that have led PHJC Ministries for over 100 years continues into the future. Working with boards, leadership teams, co-workers and volunteers to remain aware of and be guided by our shared values is very fulfilling. Facilitating Leadership Enhancement Programs provides me the opportunity of telling our history and the story of our foundress, Catherine Kasper, and to help all of the people who partner in the ministry see how they continue to walk in Catherine's shoes today.


Sr. Isolde Schneider, FS 

In deutscher Sprache

Sr. Isolde Schneider, FS was born in Saarbrücken, Germany which is a little town in the Saarland, near the French border. The people there are simple, and most of the people there are workers. The parish Sr. Isolde grew up in is in Saarbrücken, and she says that “the parish community was always helpful to me in finding my way.”

Sr. Isolde participates the One-World Group and in a Bible Group.

She has known the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ for about 25 years and they were her first love, especially the work of the sisters in Mexico. Some time ago she had the opportunity to live in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico for 6 months and to work with Sister Frances Jean Gallinatti, PHJC. Her home parish today is St. Josef Catholic Church in Saarbrücken. Sr. Isolde and members of her parish have been a financial support of the PHJC Mexico Ministry since 1996.

“My previous ministry was to work in a Catholic Nursing Home in Neunkirchen in the Diocese of Trier that sponsored by Caritas Speyer in Blieskastel, Germany. My work is Occupational Therapy. Every day I am looking after what the residents need for their life. For example, we go to walk, to play, we cook together, and we pray together. It is nice work to accompany the old people for the rest of their life with the all different life stories. The residents there seem a little bit nearer to God.”

After living and ministering in Neunkirchen for several years she now has moved back to her home city of Saarbrücken. Sr. Isolde has joined the staff of a group home for homeless women. There she serves as part of the team who is present to the women, many of whom live with mental illness and addictions. “I like to be present to the poor people and I love silence and prayer.”

Sr. Isolde says “We are all in the Good Hands of God and we can never fall out. I wish for Germany someday a growing Fiat Spiritus Community including members who live together in community.”


Sr. Loretta A Peters, FS

Sr. Loretta grew up in Southern Illinois. She is one of the second generation of Fiat Spiritus vowed members. A thirst for community has always been a core value for her and so in August of 2007, she became a candidate in the Fiat Spiritus Community. Part of the process in this quest was to develop a “Cinquain” of the name Fiat Spiritus. Here is what she wrote:

Compassionate simple
Listening serving walking
Faithful walking in openness
Gentle persistent
Exploring dreaming talking
Outside of space-time


Her walk with the Fiat Community culminated in professing vows on July 18, 2008 with the other members of the community as witnesses. Since her recent retirement , she continues Christ’s healing work in the practices of spiritual direction and Reiki. These ministries provide ample opportunity to meet Jesus in the other person, to listen to stories and offer encouragement on life’s journey. Thus, guided by the charism of Catherine Kasper, she continues to contribute her life in service to the neighbor which is the mission of Christ within the church and the world.

Freely responding to the Spirit . . . with attentive ears, contented hearts, joyful service.

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